Killbox Studios was founded by Jason Washington in 2012, with a desire to provide “outside the box” thinking into the design pipeline. With a love for over-all design, our goal is to create eye popping visuals from the roots up. We implement designs and visual effects that where the story is epicenter for EVERY aspect of the concept. From story boards and character design to final matte paintings, digital environments, animations and composites, the goal is to help you bring the story to life in a believable and functional manner.

“Having clients trust our abilities is paramount. We pride ourselves on the creative process and delivering more than what is expected”, says Jason Washington. We want to ensure that that our clients understand what is needed to create what they expect and work with them on that process from the earliest stages possible, be it the conceptual, writing or pre-production and production stage.

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Our Clientelle includes:
The Elixirs
DNA Filmworks
Romerion – Stone Ice/Universal Records
Burgundy Park -Stone Ice/Universal Records