There are so many things brewing around here that we are DYING to share with you…. But we can’t!!! Let me start with this. ┬áThis is a labor of love and we’re fortunate to have so many great people pushing behind us that are seeing the vision. While still in the fledgling stages, we are doing what it takes on our end to make this one hell of an exciting project!

Now what I CAN discuss is the beginnings of the first video game coming out of Kill Box Studios! This is a fighting game with a very cool defensive system. The game plays like a standard fight to make it easy to play. This system include guard breakers, combo linkers and finishers. You will view the game defense as you’ve never seen before. Though some of the these are just animation tweaks, it will add much more “live” feeling to the characters and add an unparalleled visual excitement to the game. We can’t announce the title just yet but you will be able to play as memorable famous characters! We’re working out licensing details and are really excited about the possibilities! We are still in the early development stage but, Mocap sessions are scheduled to start by the end of June! I know there haven’t been many updates here but as you can see we’ve been SUPER busy! 2 active projects on deck, 5 more on the slate…whew! STAY TUNED!!

Shhhh!! New events!